Since its creation in 1988, Cofisem has been specialized in the management and the commercialization of an intuitive and dynamic database in 8 languages, which centralizes and archives financial, legal, and corporate governance information on listed companies in the world.

Cofisem offers to its customers:

  • CofisemDocumentLibrary: a search engine (including ‘full text’) applied to all the documents concerning listed companies (over 1,300,000) and archived in PDF format in the Cofisem database.
  • CofisemDataResearch: a search engine applied to all or part of the Cofisem database. Single (including export of company data sheets) or multiple criteria searches enabling the construction of complex queries. The availability of this product is expected by the end of the second half of the year 2023.
  • CofisemDataStream: provision of selected data from the Cofisem database and delivery, at a predetermined frequency, in the form of an XML stream to enable the downloading of all or part of the content in customer sites or databases, and in the form of an XLS file for use in analysis, benchmarking and research.
  • The Cofisem database is also available by means of a WebService.

High-grade, reliable and constantly updated information

Cofisem constantly aspires to improve its mastery of production processes and broadcasting data on companies listed on the stock exchange, which ensure high grade, reliable and continually updated information for its customers.

Cofisem is a preferred partner for quoted companies and for all market actors in support of their development. Cofisem provides information to a variety of professionals in the global exchange as well as in the financial market in Europe and its information are consulted by many internet users.