Since its creation in 1988, Cofisem has been specialized in the management and the commercialization of an intuitive and dynamic database in 8 languages, which centralizes and archives financial, legal, and corporate governance information on listed companies in the world.

Nearly 9,000 companies listed in 65 countries among which 58 listed places are fully covered.

The Cofisem database includes up to today data on almost 9,000 companies listed in 65 countries, from the biggest capitalisation to the smallest, and fully covers 58 listed places.

The indexes followed by Cofisem are national, continental and worldwide.

What information is available on the Cofisem Database?

Complete profiles of listed companies:

  • their identity, history and activity,
  • as well as their prospects for growth and investments made,
  • and also their market characteristics.

Our Cofisem Database includes financial data on quoted companies:

  • detailed consolidated annual accounts,
  • detailed half-yearly accounts,
  • quarterly revenues,
  • cash flow,
  • ratios such as P/E, Pay Out, Yield, Price to book, EPS, EPS Growth rate, VE/EBITDA, etc.
  • with a track record of more than ten years.

Also available on the Cofisem database:

  • shareholding,
  • corporate governance (Executives, Board members, specialized committees),
  • Board members’ attendance fees and all compensation paid to the executives,
  • statutory auditors (mandates and fees).

What does the Cofisem Database enable you to do?

  • to do intuitive and dynamic research with the help of its multi-criteria search engine,
  • to easily see agendas of listed companies’ financial events,
  • to download all the information published by listed companies: (registration documents/URD, financial reports, integrated reports, minutes of Shareholders’ meetings, press releases, the French Official Legal Announcement Publications “BALO” and other information…).

The Cofisem database is constantly updated and available in 8 languages:

  • German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish.