Launch of Cofisem Document Library

Cofisem Document Library “CDL”, a document search tool, is now operational.

CDL gives access to a database of more than 1.3 million regulated information documents issued by companies listed in Europe and the main companies listed on other markets in the world, for more than twenty years, updated daily.

Its engine has many types of filters and a keyword search. CDL has a document-by-document or zipped multi-selection download function.

In addition, CDL includes an "alert" function that informs you of the arrival of any new document in the database that meets the criteria of a predefined search as well as a system for archiving searches so that they can be easily repeated.

This new Cofisem product is intended for issuers, banks, university analysts, audit firms, auditors, lawyers and other legal professionals, as well as the press and any specialized media.

For more information and a demonstration of CDL, please contact us at cofisem@cofisem.com

Cofisem, 30 June 2022