New Cofisem ratios

At the request of several of its clients, Cofisem has built several sets of ratios calculated from the fundamental data belonging to its database, which is regularly updated and completed.

The ratios now available (current and historical) can be gathered into several groups:

• The so-called "stock market" ratios
Such as EPS (basic and diluted), P/E, PEG, Yield, Payout ratio, Annual return on a share,

• The accounting ratios
Gross, operating and net margins
ROCE, ROE, Economic value/EBITDA

• The "business" ratios
Insurance: combined ratio, embedded value, assets under management
Banks: Operating ratio, Solvency ratio, CET1, leverage ratios
Real estate: Net asset value, Loan-to-value ratio, Vacancy rate (EPRA), Initial yield (EPRA)
Holdings: market value of the portfolio, Net Asset Value

It is certain that these ratios are part of the information supporting the comparison between listed companies and their valuation.

For more information, please contact us at cofisem@cofisem.com

Cofisem, 30 September 2021