New Euronext® environmental indexes followed by Cofisem

Two new indexes at Euronext®

Among the data types registered in its data base, Cofisem has now included the information of the Euronext listed companies belonging to two new indexes. These indexes developed by Euronext are composed of a set of listed companies included in the Euronext SBF 120 index, selected on the basis of various criteria, and particularly, their rating scores in term of environmental matters delivered by CDP (formerly “Carbon Disclosure Project”).

The first of these two indexes (Euronext® CDP Environment France EW) makes no difference according to the nature of the activities run by the companies and select 40 of them belonging to the SBF120 index.

On the contrary, the second index (Euronext® CDP Environment France Ex Oil & Gas EW) excludes the SBF120 companies belonging to the Oil & Gas sector as defined by the ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark).

Euronext is giving full information on its website about the definition of these two indexes (https://www.euronext.com/fr/indices/index-rules).

The performances of these two indexes compared to the ones of Euronext and other market places will provide additional and valuable information to the investors willing to reconcile the respect for the environment and profitability.

Cofisem, 25 September 2018