CofisemDataResearch enables subscribers to conduct searches for all the information concerning the listed companies available in the Cofisem database


  • Stock markets, countries, and markets where stock is traded
  • Business profile
  • Main shareholders
  • Governance (Executive Officers, Board Members, Specialized Committees...)
  • Statutory Auditors
  • Financial statements (annual and half-yearly accounts, quarterly revenues, cash flow, key ratios…)

CofisemDataResearch accessible by internet, has a search engine that can cross-match all the information in the Cofisem database, whatever the criteria used.

The wealth of information, combined with the functionalities of the multiple criteria Cofisem search engine, enables each customer to, for example:

  • View information relating to a set of companies that meet a certain number of criteria they have predetermined (business activity, financial performance…)
  • Save their queries and search results,
  • Immediately access annual, half-yearly and quarterly accounts,
  • Analyze, in-depth, certain sensitive data concerning company governance (compensation, employee representation on Boards…),
  • Conduct their own benchmarking,
  • To record, in their financial diary, the key financial dates they wish to track.